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Bond Security Services works with numerous film production companies through a wide network of contacts. 


The work is generally all year round and the majority of our operatives are kept very busy. We are not an exclusive company and have no issue with our operatives working with other companies, just as long as they are not our direct clients.


You may be looking to be 'rushed off your feet with work' or simply looking to 'dip in' as and when you need the money. Either way, you'll find working with us a great way to earn an income and to have fun simultaneously; we work with a great bunch of individuals from around the country.


We also pay a good hourly rate, with the majority of our shifts lasting twelve hours. All operatives are self-employed, must invoice weekly and are paid within 2-3 weeks of submission, although it may be sooner; production timescales vary.


You must be registered as self-employed with HMRC. 


You do need to drive/own a car/motorcycle/car share, as many shifts will start early/late and relying on public transportation is not recommended and, can result in lateness; something which cannot be condoned in this industry.

Please contact us for further information or assistance.

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